Forensics Online Course

Forensics Online Course

Forensics Online Course, Many crimes are solved by a “smoking gun” such as an eyewitness or being caught in the act. Other crimes are more complex to solve and require forensic evidence to identify and prove the perpetrator’s guilt.

Forensics Online Course

Forensic science has become the modern “smoking gun” to help solve many of these cases. Perhaps you’ve been watching too many CSI shows on TV and you’ve been wondering if all their techniques are real? Maybe you are interested to know how basic principles of science can be used in crime investigation, are considering a career as a forensic scientist, or need to know more to advance your current field, such as criminology, forensic psychology, criminal law, or crime-writing?

Learn basic forensic science

Explore the methods and science that underpin forensics including DNA, fingerprinting, crime scene investigation, how to evaluate evidence and the process of identifying the dead.

Understand the role of forensics and forensic psychology

Discover why forensic science is so important by examining the role it plays in the criminal justice system and the courtroom. Contemplate controversies in the field like ‘biometric databases’ and explore the portrayal of forensics in the media (‘the CSI effect’).

Throughout our online curriculum you will learn the basics of the forensic sciences, from principles to analytical techniques that are used to build information useful in solving crimes. The contributions in the criminal justice system are unmeasurable. For instance, DNA evidence has been the reason that more than 300 prisoners, many on death row, have been exonerated, some after decades in prison. In this course you will learn how:

  • Forensic science developed and its roles in police work and solving crimes
  • Evidence such as blood and fingerprints can be analyzed and used as evidence
  • To determine how long someone has been dead, even for a very long time
  • Powerful DNA evidence is to catch a criminal
  • Forensic scientists apply their expertise in court
  • Forensic scientists work in different roles and settings

With this course, you will gain a good understanding of what Forensic Science is, the basic principles that are applied, and the different techniques and technologies that are used in the process.

Solve a case

Using what you’ve learnt about forensics, including forensic anthropology and archaeology, you’ll get to work solving a case. You’ll have to document and evaluate the evidence, use biological profiling and undertake facial reconstruction to identify the dead.

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